Event Alerts - schedule meetings, conference calls, and offline events

Send me a notification 15 minutes before start!

Today's small update brings Event Alerts. This allows your event followers to remind themselves of the event before it starts.

How it works? ⏲

Before, event notifications on Hapen were sent immediately after the event started. This made it impossible to plan any offline or virtual events - people may not be ready to start.

A common situation is when you need to organize a group call. And so that no one will forget about it 🙄

Now, participation in events has become more convenient. Set an alert: 10 minutes, an hour, a day before the event starts.

How to use this feature? 🗓

  • Go to Dashboard and create an event.

  • For more convenient sharing, we have added a button that allows you to share an event or copy event link.

  • Participants can select the desired alert option while setting the reminder

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