Attachments, Backgrounds and Dashboard!

New update focused on makers needs.

Hello! 👋

Today's update brings a lot of useful features for makers! Attach links to your events and add text descriptions to them. Edit your events and attract more people by adding beautiful backgrounds. We also got a dashboard!

💻 Dashboard and Event Customization

This allows you to quickly create and track events created by you and also splittes by incoming and past events. Now you can change any field in your event such as: the name, Emoji, date and time of the event.


Meet the attachments! Today we present you two new ones: text and link

These are useful blocks that you can add to your event page. They help give your pages new functionality 

🔗 Link Attachment

Link attachment allows you to pin a link to a website on the event page. This will be especially useful for people who use Hapen to plan live streams and webinars. Just redirect people to resource you need!

💬 Text Attachment

Text attachment allows you to attach a small text description to an event that is 240 characters long. This is especially useful when you need to tell people something about an upcoming event.

🖼 Event Backgrounds

You can add a beautiful background to any event created in dashboard! While editing an event, you can load the background from your device, or pick up any image from Unsplash.

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